Why Real Fit? - At Real Fit, we stand for movement. We stand for the part of you that leaps over excuses, sidesteps injuries, adapts to obstacles & barrels full speed towards your goal. Our main aim is to get people moving better, with strength and mobility, free range of motion pain free.

We believe the human body is God’s greatest creation, specially made to move in many different directions, planes of movements & motions. 

With our proprietary 4 Quadrant (4Q) system adapted from the world renowned Institute of Motion (IoM) from San Diego, training in Real Fit makes you move better faster stronger. Just ask the many athletes, sportsmen & martial artists we have trained over the last 17 years. 

Why Us ?

We are Real Fit and we aim to make you Real Fit!

  • Experience trainers 25 years
  • Effective customized fitness programs
  • New experience in exercising
  • Affordable rates.


Your feedback means the world to us.


Great & friendly trainers !! Fantastic venue with cool toys to keep you in shape !!

Henry Han

Great personalised and focused solution to functional strength training. It never ceases to amaze me that every work out can be so different (and therefore interesting) whilst maintaining a clear goal focused outcome. Jas is a highly experienced and knowledgeable trainer who I could only recommend!

Mat Lock

I don't usually write reviews but this is a trainer who's passionate about what he does and knows really well how I've been putting my body to sleep mode all my life. I'm awakening it now and pushing my limits to see how far it can go. End of the day, I know my body will thank me for what it's going through now.

Rae Kwa

Jason makes my exercise routines with my daughter fun and full of energetic movement. It has never been boring and we are always looking forward to every training. It's so unlike old boring gym session. It is about being healthy, shapely n gaining mobility :)

Roslindah Barudin

Jason always never fail to push me on and very encouraging whenever I felt that I could not handle it. Truly respect his dedication, professionalism and expertise. His enthusiasm will inspire you to move. And looking forward to next session to challenge myself further. Thank you for getting me more fit!

Tracey Wong